Senior Pranks

Senioritis. It’s a real thing. High school seniors are ready to GET OUT! They’re so close to graduation. In fact, the rounds of parties have already kicked off.

But, there are still a few weeks left in their final semester. What could they possibly do to occupy their time while they wait? Cram for finals? Polish up projects? Tutor younger students?

Nope, nope, nope!

It’s senior prank season!

Over the years, I’ve heard some epic tales. Most target school administrators. Some have landed the pranksters in jail. Unless the prank hurts someone or damages property, the admin folks usually turn a blind eye to these pokes of fun.

The best prank story I can share didn’t hurt anyone, but it did disturb a square foot of property. A friend somehow managed to smuggle the pig he’d dissected in human anatomy out of the building. That night, under a full moon, he and his comrades buried that pig—with the name of our principal attached to its tail—on the fifty-yard line of our school’s football field. My guess is that it’s still there.

What’s your favorite senior prank story?