When I sneak out from behind my desk, it means I'm up to something.

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Book Reviews

What's writing without reading? And what's reading without reviewing?

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Current WIP

I always have a work in progress. Sometimes two or three.

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A teen at heart

My day job is loving on my family. My part-time job is freelance writing and editing. My passion is writing fiction. I've finished a young adult Christian novel and am slogging through the editing process. It's a contemporary story with a pinch of paranormal.

I grew up in Atlanta and, after graduating from the University of Georgia, worked for a newspaper, a magazine publisher, and a large telecommunications company.  After that, I ran a public relations agency. Now, I live with my husband and a one-eyed cat on a lake. My two adult children proof my manuscripts when they get bored.


Have you joined Goodreads yet? I highly recommend becoming a member. It's a fantastic website for readers to connect with one other. If you friend me, you can see what I'm currently reading and check out my book reviews and recommendations.

I'm proud to be a founding member of the Storyteller Squad, a talented group of twelve Christian authors who specialize in stories for kids, tweens and teens. We critique each other's work and partner on a blog site that features encouraging advice, book reviews, and publishing announcements.