Race to your Kindle!

I’m thrilled to announce that not one, not two, but THREE of my writing partners published books in the last month. It’s so exciting to see a book I critiqued make to it print.

Book covers for "Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea," "Porch Swing Girl," and "A Mixed Bag of God's Grace."

Julane Fisher, who lives on the other side of the lake from me (45 minutes by car), released Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea April 23rd. It’s a middle-grade story about twins. The sour lemon twin embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning the hard lessons of rejection and forgiveness. It’s a terrific clean southern read, set in Triple Gap, Georgia.

Taylor Bennett, seventeen years old and hailing from Oregon, released Porch Swing Girl May 1st. Set in Hawaii, the young adult book traces the friendship between a transplanted sixteen-year-old girl and two locals—one is a fussy youth group leader and the other harbors a painful secret. It’s a fantastic page turner.

Sharon Rene’s collection of children’s short stories and devotions, entitled A Mixed Bag of God’s Grace, releases TODAY! She’s from Tennessee, the state of my birth. I wish I’d had a chance to critique this one, but she had finished it before she joined our group. I am in the process of critiquing her Divine Destiny young adult series. It’s speculative fiction about seven teens who overcome extraordinary circumstances.

Hat’s off to these awesome Christian authors!