My first radio experience

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I’ve delivered countless presentations through Toastmasters, my various jobs, and at volunteer events. I’ve headed zillions of meetings and dealt with the media. But never have I ever had such a case of nerves as before Bob Crittenden interviewed me on Faith Radio.

I’d spent a good part of the evening before memorizing answers to questions my marketing guru had gathered for me. Rising early, I’d taken extra time primping. Not sure why. Radio listeners can’t see you. But I’ve learned from experience that my confidence level rises in proportion to how I think I look. I glanced through my notes one more time and sent up an earnest prayer for guidance and peace before heading to the appointment.

My knees quaked and my hands shook as I waited in a chair outside the Christian Product Expo’s exhibition hall where Bob was interviewing another author. She answered his questions in a relaxed manner, even cracking a joke. From my perspective, she had no worries about bumbling through talking points or freezing after an unanticipated question. Could I do that?

When my turn came, Bob and I tapped elbows. COVID caution. I offered him my paperback as a gift to his favorite teen. Thanking me, he whisked a small easel from his bag and propped my book on it. He said it would help my sales. Before I could say, “huh?,” he motioned me to a chair and proceeded to reset the audio AND VIDEO equipment. I breathed a sigh of relief that I’d brought the book and worn makeup.

Then Bob started what I can only term “a conversation.” He eased me into the interview with general questions about my background and how I became a writer. My ace marketer had given me a heads-up on that approach, but had not envisioned what a kind, gentle soul would lead the interview. When he started into the meat of our interview, I recognized him as a genuine Christian, truly concerned about teens today and how to reach them. He also cared about making me look good, as he rescued me several times when I stumbled over almost-memorized talking points. And he never asked any hard-hitting questions. In fact, when the next interviewee didn’t show, he spent another 10 minutes continuing our discussion.

I am so blessed that Bob Crittenden conducted my first radio interview. It was a solid, though not perfect, experience. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

6 thoughts on “My first radio experience”

  1. You did very well, Jill! You didn’t appear nervous at all. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. What a wonderful promotion of your novel!

  2. I read the intro about how nervous you were, but in the video you are relaxed and composed. Great interview, and I’m praying God continues to put your book into the hands of more readers.

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