A torn meniscus has sidelined me

My left knee’s meniscus is a lemon. I’ve now torn it three times. The first happened in late 2010 in a gym with a leg curling machine. Yes, the weights were too heavy.

Lesson learned:
Lighter weights with more reps equal healthier joints.

An insurance-approved orthopedist stitched the meniscus back together. That lasted about two months before it tore again. I returned to the orthopedist, who said that my meniscus was obviously fragile and that he’d give me an accessible parking permit for my car until his schedule opened up.

No thanks.”

Photo courtesy of Johns Hopkins Medicine

Time for a second opinion. Several friends recommended another insurance-approved orthopedist who specialized in sports medicine, Dr. Brian Morgan. This guy took a look at my records and proclaimed, “I never would have performed that surgery on you. You’re too old.”

“Well thanks!”

He recovered his bedside manner and explained that stitching only works on growing youngsters. He’d performed that surgery successfully on many teen athletes, but never would have attempted it on a soccer mom like me. I appreciated his candor and signed on the dotted line. A few weeks later, he clipped the menicus’s torn edges, fixing what the first doc had botched.

Lesson learned:
Always ask friends for surgeon recommendations.

That surgery served me well for 11 years. Then I helped Mom move into assisted living and forgot I wasn’t in my twenties anymore. I lifted too much, squatted too much, worked too long, and drank way too much coffee instead of water. As a result, I tore the same meniscus on both sides of the kneecap. Dr. Morgan shook his head as he eyed the MRI. “You really did it this time. Prepare for another surgery.”

Lesson learned:
Don’t skimp on packers and movers.

Now I’m in twice-weekly physical therapy trying to rehab my knee enough to enjoy a thrice-postponed vacation. The surgery is scheduled for May 4. Please pray for me… and for my husband who tolerates my whining.

The good news is that I’m catching up on my To Be Read pile. The bad news is that I can’t seem to write. Maybe it’s the anti-inflammatory meds. Or the constant dull pain. Prayers appreciated in that area too.

Do you have any advice about surgery preparation or writer’s block?

2 thoughts on “A torn meniscus has sidelined me”

  1. So sorry about your meniscus! That stinks!

    And, I commiserate with you on writer’s block. That stinks, too! I know because I currently am experiencing the same challenge! One thing that I’ve tried that has successfully worked (okay for one day so far)- is plotting versus writing. Since I’m a discovery writer (I dislike the pantser term), this is way out of the ordinary for me. But I’ve enjoyed it and put an hour and a half in! So, I’ll let you know if I crush my track record of one day! LOL!

    Praying for a successful operation on May 3rd!

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