Why did I start writing Christian fiction for teens?

Monterey, California

All my life, I’ve written for someone else—grade school teachers, college professors, newspaper editors, magazine publishers, corporate managers and high-tech clients. I was established. Why would I want to give up a steady salary to wear out my keyboard in the risky book publishing industry?


Yep, He nudged me. In fact, He all but hit me over the head with a book.
I first felt His pressure when my daughter and son were on summer break from high school. I thought I’d poke around a few bookstores for some reading material for them to take on vacation. I found only a handful of clean, Christian books for teens. Tracking down the shop managers, I asked why. Each replied that there wasn’t a market for it.

What? Are there not enough teens wanting to read clean fiction?

I believe there is, but they don’t have a lot of fiction reading time so they don’t buy enough books for this genre to merit a special section. I hope I live to see the day young adult Christian fiction is featured in all bookstores, when teens head straight to this section and when they share their Bible-based purchases with others.

I feel God’s hand on my back pushing me to contribute. I pray I serve him well.