When a cell tower becomes a symbol of Jesus’ love

I made a new friend this week. His name is Wes. He punches the meal tickets at the Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, NC. My new friend is a talker. Since the number of attendees at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference shrank from 500 to 200 due to COVID concerns, he was able to give those of us willing to listen a little more time this week.

When I attend conferences, I like to eat breakfast in my room. Knowing that the day ahead will be action packed, I ease into my mornings with a devotion, coffee, and a protein bar. I did this Monday through Wednesday, but decided to mingle with the early birds Thursday morning.

That’s when Wes bent my ear. He noted that I had almost missed breakfast, but he was glad I’d made it. I let him know that I hadn’t overslept, but had been spending a little time with God. I mentioned that the lit cross at the top of the mountain had added visual ambiance to my devotion.

His face brightened. “Did you know that cross is a cell tower?”

“For real?”

“Yep.” He smiled and nodded. “When AT&T asked to erect a cell tower on our land, we asked if they could disguise it as a cross. You know, win-win for everyone.”

I blinked. I’d worked for BellSouth and seen towers camouflaged as pine trees, but never would have imagined that the mighty telecommunications conglomerate would allow a tower to become a Christian symbol. “Amazing.”

His smile broadened, then he elaborated on the back and forth between the conference center owners and the wireless techies. Turns out, the special request wasn’t such a big deal.

Isn’t that God’s way? Not only can a cell tower be turned into a giant white cross, but it can be erected on the top of a mountain AND LIT, so folks for miles around can see it during daylight or darkness. That cross now stands as a constant reminder of God’s love for us.

I agree with Wes. Life with a cross standing over us is a win-win.

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  1. Very cool! You were inspired to join the others at breakfast….. so that you could hear and share this story!

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