Summer Reading for Teens & Moms

Yay! School’s almost out, and teens can read whatever they want. Now’s the time to put together a summer reading list and place the books on hold at the library. I’ve noticed that it’s taking longer and longer for books on hold to become available, so move fast.

When my kids were teens, I constantly looked for ways to communicate with them. I found that reading the same book sometimes sparked a positive conversation, even if it lasted only a few minutes. That counts as a check in my win column.

I get it. Teens would much rather watch videos than read. But if they learn to love reading now, studies show that they’ll be much better communicators as adults. So provide them with a batch of clean reads at the beginning of the summer and do what you can to nudge them into the stories.

Life Hack:

Discuss the book with your teen on a short drive. You have a captive audience.

I recommend the following 10 clean adult/teen crossover books and series for what I term Bonding With Books. Numbers six, eight, and ten are great for guys, even reluctant readers.

  1. Courier’s Daughter series by C.J. Redwine
  2. Court of Swans by Melanie Dickerson
  3. Elleson by Misha McCorkle
  4. Kingdom Come series by Cecelia Earl
  5. Porch Swing Girl series by Taylor Bennett
  6. Quest for Celestia by Steven James
  7. Remarkables by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  8. The Delusion series by Laura Gallier
  9. The Door by Lorilyn Roberts
  10. The Other Side of Freedom by Cynthia Toney

Do you have any favorite crossover books? Please let us know in the comments section so other moms can add them to their lists.

Happy summer reading!