My one-eyed cat

Before and after the surgery

Can you tell in the left photograph that her eyes are different colors? This observation triggered our first veterinary visit. Bella is seven years old and had the most beautiful golden eyes until about a year ago when I noticed one had darkened. The veterinarian said not to worry, eye color change is very common in cats.

A month ago, at her annual physical, Bella turned her eyes toward the window. The veterinarian caught sight of a little growth on the side of Bella’s eyeball. Concerned, she sent us to a kitty ophthalmologist. Who knew there was such a speciality? And that one would be located within 20 miles of us?

After extensive testing, the ophthalmologist determined Bella had a cancerous growth behind her eye. Surgery was necessary, and quickly. Yesterday, she went under the knife. I was so afraid for her. I had all my friends praying for a successful procedure. Our prayers were answered. Bella came through with no complications. Praise God! Tests report the cancer is completely gone.

Bella’s a little discombobulated—not quite ready to jump on furniture, but I’m sure she’ll make a full recovery. I wonder if she’ll wear the pirate eye patch my friend made her?