My baby girl got married!

Courtesy of Claire Diana Photography

Yes, I cried. It was a glorious autumn day, blessedly sandwiched between two cold and windy ones. We’d debated about whether November 3rd would be a wise choice, but we were dealing with a complex schedule that included SEC football games, the photographer’s open Saturdays, and work and academic calendars. When we finally settled on the date, our photographer assured us it would be a peak weekend for fall leaves. She was right.

In fact, everything was perfect about that day. All our vendors outdid themselves. The venue was magical, the food delicious, and the music amazing. Lake Lanier’s Legacy Pointe was a beautiful backdrop for the exchange of wedding vows. We eased into the ceremony with a harpist then, at the end of the evening, wished the happy couple Godspeed as they dashed through a tunnel of their guests’ sparklers to their decorated golf cart as the DJ played “It’s a Wonderful World.”

My favorite part of the wedding came between the ceremony and the reception. I was so proud of my daughter and her sweetheart. Their first act as husband and wife was to serve communion to their guests—all 160 of them. It was such a poignant moment as I received the symbols of Christ’s love from them.

The reception overflowed with hugs from family and friends, many of whom I hadn’t seen in years. My heart was so full to see most everyone I loved gathered in one room to celebrate the union of my precious daughter and the man she chose. I know all these witnesses will stand strong in support of my daughter and her new husband as they build their lives together.

May God bless the marriage of Andrew and Julia Grove and guide them along the path to eternal happiness.