Join the Storyteller Squad’s Book Club!

Are you a teen who likes to read fiction? Searching for some like-minded friends? Look no further. The Storyteller Squad has launched a book club that is perfect for you.

Every other month, beginning in April, the Squad will host a discussion on a young adult novel ranked four stars or above on Amazon. On alternate months, the Squad will select a popular middle grade book.

This month, we’re reading Court of Swans by Melanie Dickerson. It’s a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Wild Swans, set in 14th century London. Delia must prove that her seven brothers aren’t traitors to save them from execution. I learned a lot about the quality of life between royalty and commoners during the 1380s. Check out my Storyteller Squad blog about haute couture in the 14th century.

In May, the Squad’s discussion room will feature The Other Side of Freedom by Cynthia Toney. It’s a hard-hitting novel set in a southern farming community called Freedom in 1925. Thirteen-year-old Salvatore and his Italian immigrant father become entangled in a crime that results in a murder. They must decide whether to keep a secret or risk their lives exposing it.

Why should you join our online book club?

  • Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who likes to read with your kind of enthusiasm. Through our club, you can meet teens all over the world with the same love of stories as you.
  • You can participate from your comfy couch. No need to expose yourself to germs.
  • It’s cyber safe. There are 12 members of our Storyteller Squad, and we keep a close eye on participants’ comments.
  • We select only clean reads.
  • Book Club members suggest similar books to read, so you can build your “To Read” list.
  • Giveaways!

Last month, I pointed out that the Storyteller Squad has a mother lode of book reviews. If you missed my post, check out our Book Review page.

To join our Book Club, go to the Storyteller Squad’s homepage and hover your cursor over Book Club in the top right corner. In the drop-down list, click Join Book Club and complete the short sign-up form.

Would you like a free copy of one of Melanie Dickerson’s books? Dress like Delia in Court of Swans when she lives in her family’s palace and post a photo of yourself in our discussion room before April 30. Join us! It’ll be fun!