Good Friday. Is it really good?

Jesus lost his life on this day. How would anyone commemorate it as good? Why not call it Bad Friday?

As a kid, I never could understand this. Now, after much Bible study, I comprehend the significance of Jesus allowing his human body to experience a painful death nailed to a cross. As God’s only son, he could have called on legions of angels to save him . . . but he didn’t. His self-sacrifice atoned for my sins and paved the way for me to enter Heaven, blameless and forgiven, confident that one day I’ll see his face.

This is an amazing gift Jesus continues to give all of us who believe in him. There’s no way to earn our way into Heaven. We simply believe. And that’s what makes today very good.

As a writer and Sunday School teacher, I love to recount the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. I encourage all believers to share the good news of Jesus’ gift to friends and family members this Easter weekend.

Bunnies and colored eggs can be fun, but the real meaning of Easter is so much better. It’s about Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice for our eternal life.

May God bless you and your family this Easter.