Epic Fail

We hold season tickets to the University of Georgia Bulldog home games and usually attend at least one away game each year. We had season tickets to the Atlanta Falcons home games, but gave them up after several colossally frustrating seasons. Between the three-hour, round-trip commutes and the predictable loses, we gave up.

That’s my son—#62. His team lost every game that year, but they never gave up.

But, the Dirty Birds didn’t give up. Their brotherhood rallying cry became, “Rise Up!” In January, they shocked the nation with stunning wins over the Seahawks and the Packers. They even made it look easy. Advancing to the Super Bowl, they dominated the first half. Atlanta celebrated while Lady Gaga and her wondrous drones rocked the halftime show.

Then something went terribly wrong in the third quarter. The unraveling of the Falcons’ banner year continued through the end of the fourth quarter until they were tied with the Patriots. For the first time in history, a Super Bowl game went into overtime. The Patriots won the toss, charged down the field and dealt the death blow of six points. The season was over. The Falcons had lost 34-28.

Atlanta closed its eyes and sighed. Been there. Done that.

No worries. Atlanta always rises—from the ashes in Sherman’s Civil War march to the global hub for civil rights advancement and air transportation. Home to more than 5.3 million diversified people, Atlanta is known for its southern hospitality . . . and good sportsmanship.

We congratulate the Patriots on their amazing comeback and historic record. You deserved to win.

Like the Falcons, we’ll be faced with head-smacking “How did this happen?” times in our lives. Let’s use these epic fails as lessons. Let’s be like Tom Brady, who focused on his mission, tuned out all distractions and made it happen.

What is your mission today? Rise up!