Dan Reeves

My friend scored me a seat directly in front of the speaker at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet the other night. I was blessed to hear Dan Reeves deliver his perspective on life from a football champion’s point of view.

Coach Dan Reeves

He had played for the University of South Carolina and the Dallas Cowboys. He’d coached the Cowboys, the Denver Broncos, the New York Giants and, closer to home, the Atlanta Falcons. During his career, he’d won two Super Bowl rings and been named NFL’s Coach of the Year twice.

Coach Reeves had an incredible career . . . and he gave all the glory for it to God. He advised the students to “stay in the Word. It’s amazing how it always pertains to your situation.”

He also encouraged them to be consistent and set an example for others. He reminded them that “success doesn’t just happen. You can’t be successful without discipline. You have to want to get better.”

He pointed out that “not everyone can go to the NFL, so you have to rely on your education. If you don’t do your schoolwork, you won’t be able to go to the college of your choice. That’s so important.”

Coach Reeves closed with a challenge to always doing your best, even with the little things. He noted that some celebrities scrawl their autographs. “No one can read them,” he complained. “When you sign your autograph, sign it so people can read it. Do it right.”

Wise words from a successful man.