Biting my nails…

Last month the unwitting members of the North Georgia Chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) elected me as their 2022 president. I tried to explain that online technology baffles me and I’ll be unable to lead those highly popular hybrid online meetings. They firmly replied that the vice president ALWAYS ascends to the presidency.

They must be desperate.

The current president, Hope Welborn, is well-versed in fancy technology. She led two years of meetings during the height of COVID-19 infections in a manner that looked effortless. Except I know better. I’ve witnessed firsthand that conference sessions and workshops can vanish without warning into the darkness of mysterious clouds. I’m envisioning the same in January. Hope (perfect name for this confident, perky writer), however, assures me that all will be well.

In my dreams.

All kidding aside, I’d like y’all to start praying for me now. It’s a true honor for me to serve as president, and I don’t want to let down those who have given me so much.

I joined the ACFW as a budding writer in 2016 after meeting Creston Mapes (author of a dozen Christian thrillers) at a book club meeting. He encouraged me to join my local chapter to “find my tribe and hone my craft.” Best advice ever.

The N. GA Chapter welcomed me with open arms. They encouraged me to write a blog on the chapter website, submit my work to contests, and attend conferences. Hope even drove me to my first conference through the Blue Ridge Mountains’ treacherous, winding roads. All this prompting and prodding led to a huge contest win and the publication of The Demons Among Us, and for that I’m eternally grateful. So much that I want to give back . . . as president. Those poor 2022 chapter members.

If you’re a Christian writer of clean fiction or nonfiction, I highly recommend you join your local ACFW chapter. Its open-hearted members will help you achieve your writing goals. Many chapters also offer associate memberships that allow you to listen to their speakers each month via Zoom. For instance, you can join our chapter for $5/year after paying the regular ACFW national and local chapter dues. We’re working on a great lineup of speakers to support our 2022 theme of “Adapting to our Pandemic-Challenged Publishing World.”

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