A New Chapter

Partner with us to get books on racial equality into classrooms

Julia:  Mom. We’ve got to do something. We can’t just watch from the sidelines.

Me:  I know, baby. But I’m not comfortable joining the Atlanta protests.

Julia:  Me, either. My leg’s in a boot, and I can’t run.

Me:  Okay, so what do you propose?

Julia:  We should do something that makes a difference. Something we can both get behind, even though we live in different states.

Me:  You already have an idea.

Julia:  Yep. What do you think about using social media to put books about diversity and inclusion in teacher classrooms?

And that’s how the conversation started. The next day, we posted two-fold requests on our Facebook and Instagram platforms:

  • Do you know any teachers (all grades) who’d like books promoting racial reconciliation in their classrooms? If so, help connect us, and we’ll add to their shelves.
  • Would you like to donate either money or books to our project? Contact us for instructions on monetary donations, and we’ll buy books and send them to teachers. If you’d like to donate books directly to a teacher, check out my public Amazon shopping list for recommendations.

Offers for help are already pouring into our private message boards. We’re thrilled with the positive response.

If you like the idea of filling classroom libraries with more fiction and non-fiction books about equality, but don’t know any teachers or wish to donate, you can still help. Please visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts and share our stories and posts.

Facebook:  @JillKWillis_Writer

Instagram: @JillKWillis, @jules.grove

Questions? Other ideas on how to get racial reconciliation books into classrooms? Any book recommendations? Would you like to help? Please comment below.