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Readers ordering autographed copies will receive a bookmark I designed. Its back features a QR code that teens can scan to access categorized scriptures for when demons invade their lives.

Winner of the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest – YA Category and the ACFW SC Chapter’s First Page Novel Contest.

If the angel is real, does that mean demons also exist?

Joy McLain yearns to be class valedictorian. To focus, she abuses street Adderall. Her freshman brother Daniel ignores his homework to practice soccer so he can become a starter on the JV team. They’ll do whatever it takes to meet their goals.

But what if they don’t have to sacrifice anything? When the popular high school quarterback offers them an unbelievable deal to achieve their dreams, it seems like the perfect shortcut.

Then a divine messenger appears with a warning that catapults the siblings into the reality of angels and demons. The quarterback’s simple offer has turned into a high-stakes battle for their souls. Are they willing to overcome their inner demons to fight the very real evil ones that are holding their friends hostage?

Scripture to pray over teens

I’ve never prayed harder than I did during my children’s teenage years. Not only did I pray for them, I prayed for my husband and me. I asked God to strengthen and instill trust in our relationships, keep our children from harm, grant all of us patience and understanding, and . . . the list went on and on. I prayed in my favorite chair, on my knees, face down on the floor, in my closet, on the front porch, and over the stove. I prayed so hard that tears sometimes streaked my cheeks. Read my full blog…

Scripture for teens when the demons invade

I’m a big believer in memorizing scripture. The God-breathed messages come in handy when demons invade. Which they do. Daily. After all, Satan’s full-time job is to invade our lives and make us believe his evil lies. If he can shake our confidence in God’s goodness, he wins. Read my full blog…

Angels and Demons

In The Demons Among Us, the characters’ eyes are opened to the reality of angels and demons. While I doubt we’ll experience anything similar on earth, we can rest assured that the spiritual realm—both good and evil—is actively competing for our souls. I’ve collected my favorite Bible verses to prove the existence of angels and demons. Click the button below to access the list. If you have questions, please speak to a local Christian pastor and learn the truth.