My current work-in-progress is The Demons Among Us, the first book in my Deal Breakers Series for young adults. I’m in the editing phase. Check out my back cover copy:

Joy McLain and her brother, Daniel, are stressed to the max. Their parents expect straight A’s and their friends demand their time. Now, an additional layer boosts their anxiety levels. Demons have invaded their high school in suburban Atlanta. They’re recruiting students with promises of eternal life on Earth, academic success and sports superiority. Together, the siblings must save themselves and their friends from eternal damnation.

If all goes well, my debut novel will be on Amazon before the end of the year.

I’ve submitted Lost in a Cave for inclusion in the Storyteller Squad Anthology. This short story fictionalizes the harrowing account of the young Thailand soccer team that survived a flood that left them trapped in a cave for 18 days. If you sign up in May to follow our blogs, you’ll receive a copy of the anthology.

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For signing up, I’ll email you a link to download a short story, entitled God vs the KKK, that I’d written as a prologue to The Demons Among Us. After much thought, I decided the book didn’t need a prologue. But I liked the tale, which is lightly based on a true experience, so I retrofitted it as a short story.